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It's not just a motto. It's who we are!

Encounter Student Ministries is our 7th – 12th grade youth ministry that meets every Wednesday night at 6:30 PM. In everything we do, we look to Encounter God!  Our vision and purpose is for us to be a family of believers who encounter God through the Word, through worship, and through our every day walk!  Our desire is to have students leave our youth ministry having built meaningful relationships with each other and with Jesus Christ that will last a lifetime!  We know that being a teenager isn’t always fun or easy, but here at Encounter we want you to know you’re a part of a family of believers who are far from perfect, but striving to get closer to a perfect God!  So come as you are.  We would love for you to be a part of us!  Check us out on Instagram to find out what is currently happening.


Get Connected. Go Deeper.

Groups are the small groups of Encounter where students of all ages, backgrounds, and races are able to find their place!  We understand that every student is looking to belong, and Groups are how we make this happen.  Students go beyond acquaintances and build meaningful Christ-centered relationships.  Groups meet on the every Wednesday after the sermon.  We want you to start building those relationships!

More Ways to connect

Internship Program
We know that as a teenager it is not always easy to live out a Christian walk, so our heart is that through internship, students are able to learn how to serve and minister in a variety of ways in order to better establish their faith and therefore become better disciples of Jesus Christ. Internship will cause you to roll up your sleeves, press in to Jesus, and move to a place you’ve never been before in your spiritual journey.
Fine Arts
Fine arts is a program that allows students to discover, develop, and deploy their gifts and talents they have been given for God’s glory. This program is a great way for students to get involved and build relationships with other students while developing their gifts God has given them. All students who are interested are welcome to check it out and get involved! For more information on any of these ways to get involved, email us at

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